Chapter 4: Microblogging: write small, think big

Summary: Microblogging has provided a great way for journalists to build a reputation for themselves using social media. Micro-blogs arose from the evolution of  instant messaging, text message and internet relay chat. It has exploded in popularity since 2006, by limiting messages to 140 characters and easily upload images and video, users can quickly post on their micro-blog through their personal computers or hand-held devices.

Key Concepts:

  • Micro-blogging as an important tool: “Micro-blogging trains you to look for interesting things around you,” according to Paul Bradshaw. It also is the fastest way to recieve breaking news, since micro-bloggers will relay an event in virtually real-time. It also provides an excellant tool for crowdsourcing, harvesting the power and observations from a given network.
  • Start using Twitter: Currently twitter is the most widely used micro-blogging site. To open an account, go to, if you need to understand how to use it, click here.


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