Chapter 5: Going Mobile

Summary: Technological advances have made it essential for a serious online journalist to go mobile, meaning he or she can be anywhere and quickly gather, report, and publish their own story. In becoming an effective mobile journalist, you need to have the right tools in with you when the story breaks.

What a mobile journalist needs:

  • Laptop computer: To organize the elements and write your story. A netbook may provide a lighter option.
  • Internet connection: Whether you have a wireless connection or an aircard through a mobile service, you can’t publish anything without being connected to the Web.
  • Digital camera/camcorder : A point-and-shoot digital camera provides a convenient option. Many digital cameras will record video as well (the reverse is also true). Make sure its digital and that you have a large enough memory card to hold your media.
  • A compact tripod: A steady video will be taken more seriously than a shaky Blair Witch style video. Make sure it compact, larger tripods may be cumbersome.
  • Audio recorder
  • Headphones: A sturdy and noise-cancelling model is ideal.
  • Microphone: Find one with a windshield.
  • Cell phone: This goes without saying.

Publishing options

You can publish stories on either a regular or micro-blog. Or you can post a link of your story directing readers from your micro-blog to your regular blog.


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