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Mark Potts talks online journalism, Twitter and the future of how we consume the news

Summary: Journalist and founder of the blog “Recovering Journalist” Mark Potts discusses why bloggers are the most passionate journalists, the uselessness of Twitter, and how the digital revolution has and will continue to change the way we consume the news. Online journalists need to “use the medium to tell the story,” Mark Potts told a […]

Chapter 8: Telling stories with video

Summary: Video provides a compelling medium for telling a story. Quality can range from the highly produced to a grainy web cam, depending on whether it appears on broadcast television or on the Web. The quality versus quantity debate is irrelevant in online journalism, a compelling video does not have to be aesthetic perfection. Everyone […]

The AP finally drops the hyphen in e-mail

Summary: Beginning Saturday at 2:00 A.M., the Associated Press will drop the hyphen in its spelling of e-mail as it recognizes it as a proper noun. It also will recognize cell phone and smart phone as singular, self-contained nouns. Read the TechCrunch article here.

Story board using Mindmeister

Our project’s goal is to recover NAMI Northern Virginia history and present it interactively. We will conduct interviews with past board members, do research about the institution, and gather information about its history. We will be using different online platforms to organize and present the information. Our project will be constructed around an interactive timeline. […]

Google’s instant search

Summary: In September of 2010, Google added a new instant search feature that shows results as soon as you type. Google declared that it will change the face of searching on the internet. If search results were not quick enough, Google’s new instant search results software displays links the second you type something in the […]