Former Virginia Governer George Allen talks sports, politics

A re-evaluation of U.S. energy policy will help create more jobs according to former Virginia governor George Allen during a February 17 C-SPAN interview hosted by Steve Scully. Relaxing current regulations on mineral extraction will reduce energy costs, increase jobs and attract more investments in the U.S., Allen said.

George Allen

“The two cheapest sources for energy is coal and hydroelectric” Allen said, “that helps attract jobs.” Allen suggested that the states should allow private companies to extract natural energy resources for a percentage the royalties. He also criticized the EPA for proposing regulations on carbon dioxide,which Allen says that “no other country in the world is imposing on their citizens.”

Allen, a former Governor of Virginia who also served as its U.S. Senator from  1991-1993 and again from 2001-2007, attended the interview to discuss the release of his new book “The Triumph of Character: What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports,” where Allen provides his insights on politics as the son of the famous Washington redskins coach George Allen. He was joined by students from George Mason University and the University of Denver.

Allen is  running for the the  seat held by outgoing Senator Jim Webb. Allen lost the 2008 race against Webb, and became infamous when he was recorded using a pejorative term against an Indian-American opposition researcher during a campaign rally and the video went viral.

With Webb announcing that he will not seek re-election, Allen appears to be the only candidate with state-wide name recognition. The Virginia primary race for the U.S. Senate, which are open, will be held June 12 of 2012. However, there are questions if Webb can carry Tea Party voters, and fight the image of being an  establishment candidate.


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