Story board using Mindmeister

Our project’s goal is to recover NAMI Northern Virginia history and present it interactively. We will conduct interviews with past board members, do research about the institution, and gather information about its history. We will be using different online platforms to organize and present the information. Our project will be constructed around an interactive timeline. […]

Google’s instant search

Summary: In September of 2010, Google added a new instant search feature that shows results as soon as you type. Google declared that it will change the face of searching on the internet. If search results were not quick enough, Google’s new instant search results software displays links the second you type something in the […]

No suprise, 25 percent of audited companies have illegitimate backlinks

Summary: The San Mateo-based SEO firm BrightEdge released an audit of 1,000 companies and found that 25 percent of them back-link to sites that put them at risk of corrective actions by search engine companies. In a TechCrunch article released today, results of a two-week audit by SEO firm BrightEdge show that approximately 25 percent […]

Conduct interviews using your iPad

Summary: A new iPod touch/ iPhone/ iPad application and accompanying microphone released today by IK Multimedia will allow you to become a mobile audio journalist. Read the TechCrunch review here.