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Chapter 8: Telling stories with video

Summary: Video provides a compelling medium for telling a story. Quality can range from the highly produced to a grainy web cam, depending on whether it appears on broadcast television or on the Web. The quality versus quantity debate is irrelevant in online journalism, a compelling video does not have to be aesthetic perfection. Everyone […]

Chapter 7: Making audio journalism visible

Summary: Audio can just be as compelling as video or photos in online journalism. Tone can convey emotions, and sound can be layered on top of a visual medium to effectively tell a story. Being able to capture, edit and broadcast an audio file should be in the tool box of any online journalist. If […]

Chapter 6: Visual storytelling with photographs

Summary: Pictures can engage a reader on a level that the written word can’t, no matter how well one writes.  As ubiquitous as digital cameras have become, it behooves the aspiring online journalist to acquire basic photography and photo-editing skills. Digital photography, the basics: What is a megapixel? Digital cameras measure the size of the […]

Chapter 5: Going Mobile

Summary: Technological advances have made it essential for a serious online journalist to go mobile, meaning he or she can be anywhere and quickly gather, report, and publish their own story. In becoming an effective mobile journalist, you need to have the right tools in with you when the story breaks. What a mobile journalist […]

Chapter 4: Microblogging: write small, think big

Summary: Microblogging has provided a great way for journalists to build a reputation for themselves using social media. Micro-blogs arose from the evolution of  instant messaging, text message and internet relay chat. It has exploded in popularity since 2006, by limiting messages to 140 characters and easily upload images and video, users can quickly post […]