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No suprise, 25 percent of audited companies have illegitimate backlinks

Summary: The San Mateo-based SEO firm BrightEdge released an audit of 1,000 companies and found that 25 percent of them back-link to sites that put them at risk of corrective actions by search engine companies. In a TechCrunch article released today, results of a two-week audit by SEO firm BrightEdge show that approximately 25 percent […]

Conduct interviews using your iPad

Summary: A new iPod touch/ iPhone/ iPad application and accompanying microphone released today by IK Multimedia will allow you to become a mobile audio journalist. Read the TechCrunch review here.

Google changes algorithm to fight content-farms

Summary: With the rise of low-value Web sites who sell links to raise the search rankings of other Web sites, Google changes its algorithm to preserve their reputation as a search engine. Reputation is everything, and Google is adjusting its search algorithm against sites that sell their links to firms seeking to raise their search […]

Why paid links will become a waste of money

Summary: Search engines are introducing new tools to help users get exactly what they are looking for while offering options that can blacklist sites that users find irrelevant. In Vanessa Fox’s article “Paid links don’t pay off” the SEO expert reports: Google’s action on JC Penny’s use of black-hat SEO tactics. Bing’s increasing market share […]

Jon DeNunzio on site usability

Summary: The Washington Post’s usability editor gives tips on increasing the usability of a Web site and how it impacts news organizations. Online journalists need to create a package when publishing stories because consumers of news are no longer satisfied by having a one-way conversation with news providers. Highlights: The user engagement team at the […]