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Anita McBride on ‘the most demanding unpaid job’

Summary: The former chief of staff to Laura Bush talks about First Ladies in U.S. history, her work with the women of Afghanistan, which First Lady in history she would like to meet, and why Planned Parenthood is not safe from cuts in the federal budget. Former Chief of Staff to Laura Bush, Anita McBride […]

Andrew Card on George W. Bush ‘history will judge him better’

Summary: The former White House chief of staff discusses his admiration for the 43rd President of the United States and Obama’s appointment of William Daley as White House chief of staff. “What I miss the most about being chief of staff is the information I have…I found the information to be scary,” Andrew Card said […]

Story board using Mindmeister

Our project’s goal is to recover NAMI Northern Virginia history and present it interactively. We will conduct interviews with past board members, do research about the institution, and gather information about its history. We will be using different online platforms to organize and present the information. Our project will be constructed around an interactive timeline. […]

Former Virginia Governer George Allen talks sports, politics

A re-evaluation of U.S. energy policy will help create more jobs according to former Virginia governor George Allen during a February 17 C-SPAN interview hosted by Steve Scully. Relaxing current regulations on mineral extraction will reduce energy costs, increase jobs and attract more investments in the U.S., Allen said. “The two cheapest sources for energy […]

Hello world! Here is my Media Pyramid

This is my media pyramid. A cursory glance should let you know that my political views skew to the left. Just how far left is for you to decide… All logos and images were obtained through the Google Images search engine. Logo’s are trademarked by their respective companies.